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0. FrameWeb Editor Plugin
1. Core
2. Frameworks
3. Linguagens de Programação
4. Vocabulários
5. Modelos de avaliação
6. Code Generator/FrameWebCodeGenerator
7. ReMaT/br.ufes.inf.nemo.FrameWeb_Celino2017.ReMaT


The Framework-based Design Method for Web Engineering (FrameWeb) is a Web Engineering method that targets Web-based Information Systems (WIS) that use certain kinds of framework (Front Controller, Dependency Injection, Object/Relational Mapping, etc.) in their architectures.

The method was originally proposed by prof. Vítor E. Silva Souza during his Masters degree and has been evolving since 2015 through the work of his supervised students.

For more details about the project, see the wiki or check out its publications at the project page in NEMO's website.