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Welcome to the FrameWeb Tools Tutorial. This tutorial will guide you to use FrameWeb to model a simple feature of a simple Web-based Information System (WIS): the Oldenburg Workshop Simulator, an application that allows professors teaching Research Methodology classes to simulate a Workshop in which the students will peer review project assignments from their classmates.

FrameWeb Tools Tutorial, Part 01: installation and preparations

In this part of the tutorial, we will develop the base system on top of which we will use FrameWeb tools to generate code for a new feature. Then, we will install the FrameWeb Tools on top of Eclipse in order to use them.

Develop the base Oldenburg system

First, you should follow the instructions in the JButler wiki and develop the Oldenburg WIS at least up until the end of step 3 (internationalize the application).

If you don't want to go through all those steps, you should create your own Eclipse project for a WIS that uses JPA CDI, EJB, JSF and PrimeFaces. I also recommend using AdminFaces' Admin Template. Further, you will need the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, version 2019-06 to install FrameWeb Tools and all the other tools mentioned in the JButler wiki if you intend to deploy the generated code.

Install Sirius

The FrameWeb Editor is based on Eclipse Sirius, so we need to install that first, as follows:

  1. Open Eclipse;
  2. Click on the menu Help > Eclipse Marketplace...;
  3. In the Find: field, type Sirius and click Go;
  4. Locate Sirius 6.2 (or a more recent version) and click Install, then Confirm;
  5. Select I accept the terms of the license agreements and click Finish;
  6. After the installation, restart Eclipse.

Install FrameWeb Tools

To install FrameWeb Tools, follow these steps:

  1. Open Eclipse;
  2. Click on the menu Help > Install New Software...
  3. In the Work with: field, type and press Enter;
  4. Unmark the checkbox Group items by category;
  5. Mark the checkbox for all FrameWeb Tools that show in the list (see figure below);
  6. Click Next twice, select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option and then click Finish;
  7. After the installation, restart Eclipse.

Installing FrameWeb Tools from the FrameWeb Eclipse Update Site.

Next: using the editor

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