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Qt bindings for ConnMan

The Qt bindings are direct reflection of ConnMan's D-Bus interfaces: the class NetworkManager represents net.connman.Manager, NetworkTechnology represents net.connman.Technology and NetworkService represents net.connman.Service. NetworkSession represents net.connman.Session. NetworkTechnology represents net.connman.Technology.

TechnologyModel is a QML component representing a list of network services of a given technology.

UserAgent is a QML component providing net.connman.Agent D-Bus interface.

The class NetworkingModel is a QML component adapting a static instance of NetworkManager. Also it provides the D-Bus interface net.connman.Agent.


NetworkingModel is going to be deprecated.

These classes are written to be re-usable in the qml environment, by setting the path property to that of an appropriate dbus path, will re-initialize the object to be used for the path given.

QMake CONFIG flags

  • notests: doesn't compile tests
  • noplugin: doesn't compile qml plugin

Example: qmake CONFIG+=notests

The requestConnect signal in UserAgent requires a patch to connman.;a=blob_plain;f=0003-connman-request-connect-notify.patch;hb=HEAD

This allows a signal being sent to the UserAgent when there is a connection started/tried but no technology is connected. This only works if you use that patch and connman's dnsproxy.

The Agent class has two answers it can handle "Clear" and "Suppress" "Suppress" will suppress the request signal for the timeout period or until "Clear" is sent to the agent.

Extra make targets

  • check: run tests directly inside build tree
  • coverage: generate code coverage report
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