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Dialer middleware for Nemo Mobile
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Merge pull request #65 from jpoutiai/remoteheld

[voicecall] add support for remote held signal.Fixes MER#907
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lib [voicecall] add support for remote held signal.Fixes MER#907
plugins [voicecall] add support for remote held signal.Fixes MER#907
src Drop old xdg/autostart file and cleanup packaging. Add some actual data to README.
makedist [voicecall] Remove old copy of packaging, and packaging from makedist. [voicecall] Remove Qt 4 support.


voicecall is a daemon (and QML plugin) for implementing dialer UIs.


voicecall-manager is a system daemon responsible for collating and managing the telephony subsystem for the dialer UI to interact with.

the dialer instructs voicecall-manager to make calls, which then subsequently uses plugins (such as an ofono backend, for instance) to make the actual call.

likewise, the daemon listens to various backends in order to communicate incoming calls to the user interface.


communication between the user interface and the manager occurs over dbus, on the org.nemomobile.voicecall session bus interface.

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