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NIP 5 - Wallet as browser extension

    NIP: 5
    Title: Wallet as browser extension
    Author: Aleix Morgadas, Décentraliser
    Discussions-To: #sig-client
    Status: Draft
    Type: Standards Track
    Layer: Application
    Created: 2019-04-09
    License: MIT
    License-Code: GPLv3


A Wallet as Browser Extension, for Firefox and Chrome potentially, focused on user essential features and web-application integration. The mission is to bring to NEM web-applications the power of an integrated wallet browser meanwhile helping the user manage their assets.


No specification/architecture as an application.


Two main motivations.

  1. A multi-platform wallet.

The need of a wallet as a browser extension solves the multi-platform support, Linux, Windows and Mac are supported. Being a browser extension helps the newcomer to onboard on NEM smoothly. Instead of asking the user to install a full application, we just add a new button on their browser.

  1. nem2 web application integration.

Unleashing the true nem2 potential on the web applications. Using the Transaction URI Scheme as driver for this feature, nem2-wallet-browserextension allows the nem2 web-applications to perform awesome features meanwhile delegating all the wallet, assets, namespaces, etc to the wallet.

For the nem ecosystem, that implies that the users just need to learn how to use the nem2-wallet and a nem2-web-application once and they will know how to use them all.

Design Decisions

Technologies used:

  • Vue framework
  • nem2-sdk

For testing:

  • jest


  • Simplicity as design

Open Source approach:

  • Inclusive project
  • Pull-Request based
  • Optimistic pull-request approval


The implementation can be found here until the repository is not transferred into nemtech.


We are not sure about Browser security. In order to be the wallet ready for production, the project needs support for:

  • Browser Extension stability. Not all browsers support the browser extension specification. It might happen that some browsers experience a different behaviour or no compatibility to some features the wallet provides on other browsers.
  • Hardware Wallet integration, like Trezor and Ledger.
  • UI/UX it's done by a motivated community but not experts on the field. The experience might not be as good as expected.
  • Browser security. It's being done by motivated developers by the community but without the proper investment on security.


Date Version
April 9 2019 Initial Draft
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