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### Added
- New process that pushes changes into MongoDB and and ZMQ.
- New catapult.recovery process that repairs local state after ungraceful termination.
- catapult.server produces file-backed messages that are consumed by
- Inflation support via new
- Implementation of harvest fee sharing and beneficiary specification.

### Changed
- Prevent transactions from being replayed on different networks by prepending the network generation hash to transaction data prior to signing and verifying.
- Cosigners must opt-in before being added to a multisig account.
- Allow use of same secret with different recipients by adding Recipient to SecretLockTransaction.
- HashLockTransaction Mosaic supports aliases to to the currency mosaic.
- Allow aggregate bonded transaction lifetime to be configured independently of other transactions.

### Fixed
- Bugs in rollback causing potential fork.
- Bugs in state hash calculation causing potential fork.
- Bugs in receipts hash calculation causing potential fork.
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