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### Added
 - T1003 - TrustedHosts filter for diagnostic packet handlers
 - prohibition of zero-based keys and derived addresses
 - delegated harvester unlocking (via special encrypted message directed to node owner)
 - dynamic rental fees

### Changed
 - naming review changes:
   - T1002 - catbuffer (models, validators, etc)
   - T1007 - mongo naming review changes
   - T1008 - config variable naming
 - use donna ed25519 implementation, use batched signature verification
 - T1013 - use non-reversed private keys in `SIGNATURE_SCHEME_NIS1` - this change will require private keys used in catapult to be un-reversed, when switching from NIS1
 - generate nemesis block statement
 - turn coresystem into plugin

### Fixed
 - bug in harvesting ut facade factory
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