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tagged Oct 2, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this tag

### Added
 - Ability for network to identify servers by resolved IP instead of public key
   - require single public key to map to single host at one time
 - Basic DoS protection
   - ban nodes that send transactions that fail stateless validation
   - ban nodes that exceed data threshold
   - close connections that send data unexpectedly
 - Monitoring of static nodes for IP changes

### Changed
 - Add support for clang 9 and gcc 9
 - Update all dependencies to latest versions
 - Final set of naming review changes (mongo, config, results)
 - Fix some UBSAN and TSAN warnings

### Fixed
 - Bug in delegated harvester unlocking message processing
 - Namespace and lock expiry receipt generation
 - Notify cosignatories' public keys in order to allow added cosignatories to get aggregate notifications
 - Potential deadlock in SpinReaderWriterLock
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