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NEMtech Community

Welcome to the NEMtech community. This repository aims to provide an overview of how the open source community works, related project efforts, and most importantly how to get started participating.

Community Communication

The communication page outlines how to engage with the community and receive information and updates.

Project Governance

The project aims to be an inclusive community welcoming contributors of all levels of experience while functioning on a merrit based system. There are different types of participating outlined here, for more details please see the Project Governance page for more details of how things function.

  • Project Management Committee (PMC) acts as the steward of the project and various "sub projects" and related efforts. Any change/addition/etc to any of the aspects of the project will be voted upon by the PMC taking input and feedback from the community at large.

  • Committers are those community members that have been granted commit access to one or more source repositories. Typically becoming a committer means a participant is making regular to semi-regular contributions to a particular project effort and its repo(s) or helping to lead the related effort.

  • Developers/Users are community members that are typically consumers of the various project components and contribute in the various communication channels, submit issues and pull requests to repo(s) at times, or are just tracking the project as a in read-only mode


TODO: add links and details for these

  1. Filing an issue
  2. Find some aspect of the project to help on
  3. Opening a pull request
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