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Project Governance

This is a living doc that will be updated on an ongoing basis

The organization of the project and community is made up of three main types of users:

  • Project Management Committee (PMC) acts as the steward of the project, various "sub projects" and related efforts. Any change/addition/etc to any of the aspects of the project will be voted upon by the PMC taking input and feedback from the community at large.

  • Committers are those community members that have been granted commit access to one or more source repositories. Typically becoming a committer means a participant is making regular to semi-regular contributions to a particular project effort and its repo(s) or helping to lead the related effort.

  • Developers/Users are community members that are typically consumers of the various project components and contribute in the various communication channels, submit issues and pull requests to repo(s) at times, or are just tracking the project as a in read-only mode

Besides whats known as the "server" part of the project which is the main blockchain server technology, there is a wide range of sub projects and tooling that enable the whole stack to be used by developers and organizations, such as the software development kits, wallets, block explorer(s), etc. We are arranging all core and sub project efforts into two main buckets, Special Interest Groups and Working Groups.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs are long living project efforts that span organizations and one or more code repositories to accomplish the particular group effort. SIGs such as "documentation" or "block-explorer" are examples.

Typically SIGs will have at least one or two people that act as group chairs heading up the coordination, communication and steering efforts. Each SIG will have a charter that outlines its specific scope of effort, how roles of authority and decision making are handled, and how conflicts are resolved.

SIGs exist primarily for collaboration around specific efforts and most of the effort is focused within the SIG, where sometimes SIGs have to interact with others, such as a client SIG interacting with the doc SIG for required updates/enhancements.

TODO: add more SIG details here


SIGs are made up of one or more subproject, where most will have > 1 subprojects. Each subproject can have its own set of owners where owners can and will typically work across multiple subprojects. The owners act as the leaders of the particular project effort for vision and direction and reporting higher level issues and decisions up to the PMC.

Working Groups

TODO: more to be flushed out here for forming and end of working groups, idea of working groups is for shorter lived efforts that span multiple SIGs, typically to kick off new efforts and start up one or more new SIGs. The initial sole working group will be for the apostille effort.

Project Mangement Committee (PMC)

The PMC is the top level group for managing the project, which was seeded with the original "3 core devs". The job of the PMC is to be the stewards of the project, community and its software components, irrespective of which commerical or not-for-profit organization they work with or for. Where as SIGs and Working groups happen more in the open, on community communication channels, the PMC typically operates behind the scenes working with chairs of SIGs and voting on bigger project and community decisions.

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