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⚠️️ nem2-library-js is not meant to be used in NEM2 Tools/Applications. It is used by nem2-sdk-typescript-javascript.

ℹ️ nem2-library-js is not related to nem-library of NIS1.

This project is developed and maintained by NEM Foundation.

Important Notes

Dragon Network Compatibility (catapult-server@

Due to a network upgrade with catapult-server@dragon version, it is recommended to use this package's 0.10.2 version and upwards in order to use this package with Dragon versioned networks.

The upgrade to this package's [version v0.10.2]( is mandatory for dragon compatibility.

Cow Network Compatibility (catapult-server@

version v0.9.19 is the latest locked version for cow compatibility.

Due to a network upgrade with catapult-server@cow version, transactions from Alpaca&Bison are not compatible anymore.

Alpaca / Bison Network Compatibility (catapult-server@0.1 & 0.2)

In order to be able to use this package with Alpaca or Bison versioned network, you must use version v0.9.5-2.

Notes on generation of catapult-rest DTO and API client

Following command can be used to generate DTOs and Api clients for the nem2-sdk-typescript-javascript :

$ git clone
$ cd nem2-docs && mkdir sdks && cd sdks
$ cp ../source/resources/collections/swagger.yaml .
$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/local swaggerapi/swagger-codegen-cli generate -i /local/swagger.yaml -l javascript -t /local/es6_promise --additional-properties usePromises=true -o /local/nem2-js-sdk && rm -R nem2-js-sdk/test


Important versions listed below. Refer to the Changelog for a full history of the project.

  • v0.10.2 - Dragon Compatible - 2019-06-04
  • v0.9.19 - Cow Compatible - 2019-06-03
  • v0.9.18 - Cow Compatible - 2019-05-16
  • v0.9.17 - Cow Compatible - 2019-05-16
  • v0.9.16 - Cow Compatible - 2019-05-06
  • v0.9.15 - Cow Compatible - 2019-05-01
  • v0.9.14 - Cow Compatible - 2019-04-10
  • v0.9.13 - Cow Compatible - 2019-03-24
  • v0.9.12 - Cow Compatible - 2019-03-10
  • v0.9.11 - Cow Compatible - 2019-03-07
  • v0.9.8 - Cow Compatible - 2019-02-28
  • v0.9.7 - Cow Compatible - 2019-02-25
  • v0.9.6 - Cow Compatible - 2019-02-25
  • v0.9.5-2 - Alpaca Compatible -


Copyright (c) 2018-2019 NEM Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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