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@evias evias released this Jun 4, 2019 · 33 commits to master since this release


  • Added AccountHttp.getAccountsNames(accountIds: Address[]): Observable<AccountNames[]>
  • Added MosaicHttp.getMosaicsNames(mosaicIds: MosaicId[]): Observable<MosaicNames[]>
  • Added models for Receipts (#54)
  • Added new models ServerInfo, MerklePath
  • Added model for AccountNames (#147)
  • Added model for MosaicNames (#147)


  • Sign Transaction: Added 'generationHash' to transaction.sign(...) to prevent transactions from being replayed on different networks by prepending the network generation hash to transaction data prior to signing and verifying. (#151) [replay-protection security]
  • SecretProofTransaction: Added 'recipient' (unresolved address) field to SecretProofTransaction. (#147)
  • Split BlockChainHttp routes into 3 classes: BlockHttp, ChainHttp, DiagnosticHttp (#147)
  • Removed Mosaic Levy references (#152)


  • ModifyMultisigAccountTransaction now changed to be announced with Aggregated transaction.
  • SecretProofTransaction with new recipient added.
  • Added remove cosigners test cases to multisig account so the e2e test can be re-run without error now.
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