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PrestaShop Console

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PrestaShop cli tools based on Symfony Console component You can read more about it : (FR)

PrestaShop console


You can download all the versions of the console (since 1.5) from the release page


PrestaShop Version Compatible
1.6.x and under
1.6.1.x ✔️ (some commands are not available)
1.7.0 to 1.7.8.x ✔️
8+ ✔️ with php7.4 max
Php Version Compatible
5.6 ✔️
7.0 ✔️
7.1 ✔️
7.2 ✔️
7.3 ✔️
7.4 ✔️
8.0 ⁉️ Not yet tested
8.1 ⁉️ Not yet tested

How to use it

Download the file from github in your prestashop root directory (or from the release page):


Add execution mode:

chmod +x prestashopConsole.phar

Run the console:


You can also add the phar globaly by adding it in your /usr/local/bin directory:

sudo mv prestashopConsole.phar /user/local/bin/prestashopConsole

Then run it with (only work in PrestaShop root directories):


You can check the list of commands here: commands.

If you want to contribute please see: contribute.

Browser version

If no cli is available on your hosting, and if the php exec and shell_exec functions are enabled.
You can use and download the file prestashopConsoleWrapper.php as a wrapper to run some commands directly from the browser.
This wrapper is limited and cannot interact with the console. All parameters should be passed through the url

Here are some examples :

Show help of the command admin:user:list
List only active modules
List only active modules not from prestashop