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Release 2.1.0

@drasmuss drasmuss released this
· 363 commits to master since this release
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  • Added a built-in objective to assist in applying regularization during training.
  • Added keep_history config option, which can be set to False on Probes if only the data from the most recent simulation step is desired (as opposed to the default behaviour of keeping the data from all steps).


  • Moved utils.mse to objectives.mse.
  • sim.loss will now apply nengo_dl.objectives.mse to all probes in data if no explicit objective is given (mirroring the default behaviour in sim.train).
  • The Spaun benchmark network will now be installed through pip rather than manually cloning and importing the repo.


  • Fixed objective argument parsing if objective is a callable class or method.
  • Fixed bug in sim.train 1-step synapse warning when explicitly specifying n_steps (rather than passing in data).


  • Passing "mse" as the objective in sim.train/sim.loss is no longer supported. Use the function nengo_dl.objectives.mse instead.