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@tbekolay tbekolay released this Feb 13, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release


  • Allow LIF.min_voltage to have effect. The exact minimum voltage on the chip is highly affected by discritization (since the chip only allows minimum voltages in powers of two), but this will at least provide something in the ballpark. (#169)
  • Population spikes can now be used to send information more efficiently to the chip. Population spikes are necessary for larger models like those using CIFAR-10 data. (#161)


  • PES learning in Nengo Loihi more closely matches learning in core Nengo. (#139)
  • Learning in the emulator more closely matches learning on hardware. (#139)
  • The neurons used to transmit decoded values on-chip can be configured. By default, we use ten pairs of heterogeneous neurons per dimension. (#132)
  • Internal classes and functions have been reorganized and refactored. See the pull request for more details. (#159)
  • Simulator now gives a warning if the user requests a progress bar, instead of an error. This avoids potential problems in nengo_gui and elsewhere. (#187)
  • Nengo Loihi now supports NxSDK version 0.8.0. Versions 0.7.0 and 0.7.5 are still supported. (#188)


  • We integrate current (U) and voltage (V) more accurately now by accounting for rounding during the decay process. This integral is used when discretizing weights and firing thresholds. This change significantly improves accuracy for many networks, but in particular dynamical systems like integrators. (#124, #114)
  • Ensure things in the build and execution happen in a consistent order from one build/run to the next (by using OrderedDict, which is deterministic, instead of dict, which is not). This makes debugging easier and seeding consistent. (#151)
  • Probes that use snips on the chip (when running with precompute=False) now deal with negative values correctly. (#169, #141)
  • Filtering for probes on the chip is guaranteed to use floating-point now (so that the filtered output is correct, even if the underlying values are integers). (#169, #141)
  • Neuron (spike) probes can now be filtered with synapse objects. (#182, #183)
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