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@tbekolay tbekolay released this Nov 22, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

Compatible with NxSDK 0.8.5


  • It is now possible to slice the pre neurons in a neuron->neuron connection. (#226)
  • Connections now support Sparse transforms. (#240)
  • A more informative error message is raised if any encoders contain NaNs. (#251)


  • Connections from neurons with scalar transforms are now sparse internally. This allows much larger neuron->neuron connections with scalar transforms. (#226)
  • The scipy package is now required to run Nengo Loihi. (#240)
  • Increased minimum NengoDL version to 3.0 (and this transitively increases the minimum TensorFlow version to 2.0). (#259)
  • Nengo Loihi is now compatible with Nengo version 3.0.0. (#259)


  • Fixed a bug in which scipy was not imported properly in some situations. (#252, #258)
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