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2.2.0 release

@tbekolay tbekolay released this
· 515 commits to master since this release
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API changes

  • It is now possible to pass a NumPy array to the function argument of nengo.Connection. The values in the array are taken to be the targets in the decoder solving process, which means that the eval_points must also be set on the connection. (#1010)
  • nengo.utils.connection.target_function is now deprecated, and will be removed in Nengo 3.0. Instead, pass the targets directly to the connection through the function argument. (#1010)

Behavioural changes

  • Dropped support for NumPy 1.6. Oldest supported NumPy version is now 1.7. (#1147)


  • Added a nengo.backends entry point to make the reference simulator discoverable for other Python packages. In the future all backends should declare an entry point accordingly. (#1127)
  • Added ShapeParam to store array shapes. (#1045)
  • Added ThresholdingPreset to configure ensembles for thresholding. (#1058, #1077, #1148)
  • Tweaked rasterplot so that spikes from different neurons don’t overlap. (#1121)


  • Added a page explaining the config system and preset configs. (#1150)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some situations where the cache index becomes corrupt by writing the updated cache index atomically (in most cases). (#1097, #1107)
  • The synapse methods filt and filtfilt now support lists as input. (#1123)
  • Added a registry system so that only stable objects are cached. (#1054, #1068)