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Renderer TAL in Symfony2 with PHPTAL
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Renderer TAL in Symfony2 with PHPTAL.


1. Install via composer

    $ composer require neni/phptal-bundle

As there are no tags yet, you probably want to require the "*@dev" version. The neni/phptal-bundle itself has a *@dev dependency on phptal - this may conflict with the minimum stability settings of your project. If so, you probably want to

    $ composer require phptal/phptal

with the "*@dev" version manually to resolve this conflict.

2. Add bundle to application kernel

Add in file "app/AppKernel.php":

    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new Neni\PhptalBundle\NeniPhptalBundle(),
            // ...
    // ...
        // ...
        'PHPTAL'           => __DIR__.'/../vendor/Phptal-svn/classes',
       // ...

change in the configuration file ("app/config/config.yml")

         # ...
         templating: { engines: ['tal', 'twig', 'php'] }

   # Options 
   neni_phptal: ~ 
         #charset:        "%kernel.charset%"           # encodage
         #output_mode:  "XHTML"                      # XHTML, XML or HTML5
         #cache_dir:        "%kernel.cache_dir%/phptal"  # cache location
         #cache_lifetime: 30                           # cache life time in days
         #force_reparse:  false                        # force reparse (for debugging pre_filter)
         #annotation: true
         #   replace_text:
         #        class: "Neni\\PhptalBundle\\Phptal\\Filter\\ReplaceString"
         #        params: ["grenouille", "sauterelle"]
         #   replace_another_text:
         #        class: "Neni\\PhptalBundle\\Phptal\\Filter\\ReplaceString"
         #        params: ["bleue", "rouge"]
         #   remove_comment: 
         #        class: "Neni\\PhptalBundle\\Phptal\\Filter\\RemoveComments"
         #    replace_text:
         #        class: "Neni\\PhptalBundle\\Phptal\\Filter\\ReplaceString"
         #        params: ["sauterelle", "souris"]


the template extension is '.tal' and you can call it in controllers like this

return $this->render('HelloBundle:Hello:index.html.tal', array('name' => $name));

the default options can be change in controlers via parameters['_engine_']

public function indexAction()
    $engine = array();
    $engine['resolver'] = 'tal.resolver.orm';
    $engine['output_format'] = 'XML';
    return $this->render('NeniSiteBundle:test:index.xml.tal', array('test'=>'un test','_engine_'=>$engine) );

if you use Sensio's FrameworkExtraBundle for annotation, use '@extra:Tal' in palce of '@extra:Template'
(do not forget to add "annotation: true" to section neni_phptal in config file)

for helpers, use syntax php:Helper.get('helper_name').methode_name('parameters')

<img tal:attributes="src php:Helper.get('assets').getUrl('bundles/test/img/logo.png')" src="../../public/img/logo.png" alt="logo" />

for render another template (tal, twig or php)

<tal:block tal:content="structure php:Helper.render('FOSUserBundle:User:new_content.html.twig')" />


  • verify annotation
  • verify filters
  • add prefilter for simplify usage of hepers
  • make tests suite
  • improve documentation
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