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This repo holds the code for a blog post about using TDD during an interview.

The goal is to implement the following specification:

Produce a method that prints the nth occurrence 
of the Fibonacci series, given n as a parameter. 
This should not make recursive calls. As a bonus, 
modify the code to keep printing Fibonacci numbers 
The two first terms for this are F0=0 and F1=1.

The list of tests for this is presented below. These are sorted by ascending complexity:

  1. When given 0, expect 0
  2. When given 1, expect 1
  3. When given 2, expect 1
  4. When given 3, expect 2
  5. When given 4, expect 3
  6. When given 5, expect 5
  7. When given 10, expect 55
  8. When given -1, raise an ArgumentError (edge case: handle negative input)
  9. When given 10, print 55 (test the printing functionality)

File structure

The minimum amount of code to pass every test will be present under steps/n, where n is the number of the test in the list above.