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Welcome to dask-geomodeling's documentation!

Dask-geomodeling is a collection of classes that are to be stacked together to create configurations for on-the-fly operations on geographical maps. By generating Dask compute graphs, these operation may be parallelized and (intermediate) results may be cached.

Multiple Block instances together make a view. Each Block has the get_data method that fetches the data in one go, as well as a get_compute_graph method that creates a graph to compute the data later.

Blocks are used for the on-the-fly modification of raster- and vectordata, respectively through the baseclasses :meth:`~dask_geomodeling.raster.base.RasterBlock` and :meth:`~dask_geomodeling.geometry.base.GeometryBlock`. Derived classes support operations such has grouping basic math, shifting time, smoothing, reclassification, geometry operations, zonal statistics, and property field operations.


This package was developed by Nelen & Schuurmans and is used commercially under the name Geoblocks. Please consult the Lizard website for more information about this product.


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