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Qgis plugin for GGMN-lizard integration ("LizardDownloader")

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GGMN qgis plugin

Goal: integrate the GGMN data from Lizard so that you can do additional analysis in qgis: mainly interpolation. The interpolation results (rasters) can be uploaded to Lizard. Also you should be able to add local data points and upload them back to Lizard.

The plugin will not provide a complete setup and walk-through. You should set up a base map and the interpolation plugin yourself, for instance.


Intention is to upload the plugin to a custom plugin repository so that you have a standard installation method. The plugin is called "GGMN Lizard integration".

Recommended extra plugins:

  • Interpolation plugin (for doing interpolation analysis).
  • QuickMapServices (for adding a base layer like openstreetmap).


Via the menu bar, open "Plugins > GGMN Lizard integration > Download from Lizard" and fill in your username/password. (TODO: select period).

This adds a vector layer, saved as a shapefile, with the available groundwater data. Currently the shapefile is called ggmn_test.shp and it is placed in your home directory. (TODO: choose filename and location).

For interpolation, open the plugin "Raster > interpolation > Interpolation". Choose the ggmn_groundwater layer and one of the min/mean/max items as source and select an output file.

TODO: better messages, better error handling, data upload, documentation.

Internal note: releasing the plugin

Use zest.releaser with the qgispluginreleaser extension installed. You'll have to install it either globally or in a virtualenv.

Releasing it to used to be "scp", now you have to use Look inside that file: you'll need to set one environment variable. Afterwards, run it like this:

$ ./