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NEO Blockchain Hackathon — Berlin

We designed this competition as a way for improving the NFT standard of NEO, so that NEO can finalize the NFT standard through exploring different application scenarios (not limited to game scenario). We wish that all of you will put your innovative ideas into practice at this fantastic event. We're welcoming people from all areas in the NEO community and newcomers who want to know more about NEO ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned developer, UI/UX designer, or even an avid NEO investor, please join us in this friendly competition by registering here.

Hackathon Guidelines

Design and develop dApps based on Non-fungible Token Standard which defines a standard non-fungible token system for the NEO Smart Economy.

Hackathon Theme

Build NFT dApps on NEO

Hackathon Spirit

Learn, Think, and Create

Hackathon Location

@Noize Fabrik, Berlin, Germany

Hackathon Awards

  • First Prize - 500 NEO (1 team)
  • Second Prize - 450 GAS (1 team)
  • Third Prize - 300 GAS (5 teams)
  • Mystery Prize (It depends on the submitted work)

Hackathon Deadline

3:00 PM, Oct 28th (Local Time)

Rough Timeline

  • Sep 21th(Friday) Online Hackathon Online Announcement, encourage participants to start brainstorming, organizing teams and coding. This is the perfect time to join NEO discord and try to build a team to map out for the next few weeks. We hope the time period from Sep 21st to Oct 27th can be used to sketch out the delegation of work and start coming up with ideas and solutions for the Challenge. Do your best to accomplish as much as possible in this period. It should be the main bulk of the hackathon.

  • Oct 27th(Saturday) Berlin We'll give a keynote, 11:00AM will be the deadline to finalize teams and team concepts. Once it has passed, new team and change of the team will not be allowed.

    Keynote and Guidance

    • 09:00 Welcome notes, intro NEO Smart Economy and NEO Hackathon
    • 10:00 Team building & brainstorming
    • 10:30 Team concept finalized
    • 11:00 Start sprint
    • 22:00 Report deliverables/ feedback session
    • 22:30 Work / party
  • Oct 28th(Sunday) Berlin Deadline is 3:00pm. After submit your works, each team has 10 minutes presentation to show off to the judges and fellow teams about their work. We'll provide you with a projector. Winners will be chosen by the judges and announced when consensus is achieved. Presentation and Award

    • 10:00 Registration & Final sprint
    • 15:00 Team Presentations (10 mins per team)
    • 18:30 Awards Announcement
    • 19:30 Networking and Drinks


NEO Global Development (NGD), DLT Camp

Hackathon Requirements

Competition Rules
  1. All code projects should use the MIT license.
  2. Teams can use any platform or programing language to develop the system.
  3. There is no maximum or minimum team size.
  4. Organizers, judges, or sponsors are not allowed to participate or join a team.
  5. All members of the team should be present during the day of the event, Oct 27th, as we believe it's integral to community development and working cooperatively. Leaving the venue for a duration to hack elsewhere is also allowed.
  6. Teams can of course gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others. Judges can help teams with basic questions, but we strongly recommend team should think and solve problems independently.
  7. Teams can use an idea they had before the event or adding new features to existing projects. However, we highly encourage innovation.
  8. The competing teams are required to complete all the development work within the specified time.
  9. We are holding this challenge at a very high regard, thus if there are no teams which have shown exemplary work, then the grand prize may be ommitted and left vacant.
  10. Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include, but are not limited to, breaking the Competition Rules or other unsportsmanlike behaviour.
  11. This is a competition for the community, so please follow the rules and respect competing teams.
  12. Team member that already won a Mystery Prize before cannot join this hackathon.
Forming Teams

It’s highly recommended that challengers can organize a team to participate in this competition. Allowing for delegated work while generating diversified ideas for the final product. If you want to start of join a team, but don't know if you have the ability to finish all aspects alone you can join the NEO discord to coordinate and communicate with others interested.

Judging Factors

The score will be judged by:

  • Functionality: Did your project fulfill all of the criteria show on the table above? How could you try to take what is required and add onto it to make it stand out?
  • Ease to Use: Is the User-experience welcoming and not awfully complicated to new and concurrent users of the platform? Try to let other test for you to see if the system you built is intuitive.
  • Stability: Have you tested the reliability and amount of downtime for the dApp? We are looking for a system that can be consistent and relay information to user without many bugs.
  • dApp Performance: How much resource does the dApp take to run, short and long term? We encourage developers to optimize the platform in hopes to see a platform that won't hinder the user's inputs and experience as a whole.
  • Interface Design: Does the design of the platform not only reflect the themes of NEO's ecosystem but also have a look that can differentiate it from the others? Fluid and modern designs could make the website feel more approachable.

NGD reserves all the rights for final explanation in this event.

Hackathon Awards Claiming

If you can upload everything to github, then just use github. If you can't, just upload code to github and upload other stuff to dropbox.

Team representative(e.g. Alex) send email to
copy to Bob's & Cathy's mailbox

Title: XXX Team


Basic Info
Event: NEO Berlin Hackathon (2018.10.27-2018.10.28)
Team Name: XXX Team
Product Name: XXX
Team Member: Alex, Bob, Cathy
Team works link1:
Team works link2:

Address List
Alex's address: AH35rZ6dvvQ1ifaSdfXoY1JH26nYkREyGp
Bob's address: AetfK59xkEMXRoifBPczXyPcF3YibnkcgM
Cathy's address: AcyCz5JnMf6ZFDTBdcF8bsb7ERQbHer5do

More Information

Hackathon Judges

  1. Erik Zhang
  • Founder & Core Developer, NEO.
  • Author of dBFT consensus mechanism, expert on blockchain technology and computer security and a certified information system auditor (CISA)
  1. Sebastian Gajek
  • Founder and CTO of Weeve.
  • Blockchain enthusiast, cryptographer by heart, in love with cryptoeconomic mechanism design
  1. Sean Chen
  • Founder of BlaCat.
  • Led the development of top game 3D and Web3D engines. Entrepreneurial experiences in MU (奇迹来了), RO (仙境物语) and Yulgang (热血江湖).
  1. Peter Lin
  • Director of R&D NEO Global Development (NGD).
  • One of the early NEO developers.