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NEO•ONE requires no configuration to get started, but you can customize certain aspects of the toolchain.

NEO•ONE uses cosmiconfig to load configuration with the name one. This means that you can configure the toolchain using

  • "one" as a property in package.json
  • an "rc file" named "one" with extensions .json, .yaml, .yml or .js.


Options use dot syntax to indicate an object property. For example, paths.contracts means the contracts property of the object at the paths property of the root configuration object.



paths.contracts [string]

Default: one/contracts

This options tells NEO•ONE where your smart contracts are located.

paths.generated [string]

Default: one/generated

NEO•ONE uses this directory for all generated files that should be checked in with the project. The files generated here will typically also be used in your smart contract tests and in your dapp.

codegen.javascript [boolean]

Default: false

By default, NEO•ONE generates TypeScript source files in the paths.generated directory. Set this option to true to instead generate pure JavaScript sources.

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