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Latest commit

* Add modify signature in invoke contract dialog

* Change Signature function location.

* Update neo-gui/UI/InvokeContractDialog.Designer.cs

Change to dropdownlist

Co-Authored-By: Shargon <>

* Update neo-gui/UI/InvokeContractDialog.cs

Fix notice syntax.

Co-Authored-By: Shargon <>

* Update InvokeContractDialog.Designer.cs

* Add Notifications in Invoke ContractDialog.cs

Co-authored-by: Shargon <>
Co-authored-by: 陈志同 <>

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Project Setup

On Linux:

yum install leveldb-devel

On Windows:

To build and run locally, you need to clone and build first, then copy libleveldb.dll to the working directory (i.e. /bin/Debug, /bin/Release)

Note: When building, the project file settings must be changed from static library (lib) to dynamic linked library (dll).

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