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Modified run shell script to conform to maven being in charge.

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1 parent 70dc614 commit cde62bd82e61764a5318ba58efed7a063c9ddd56 @jakewins jakewins committed Sep 13, 2011
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-# Simple script to continuously run the performance benchmark
-# until killed, the stop file created or a statistically significant
-# decrease in performance is detected.
-# Comments and corrections to
-# We print to console and to file and this requires a tee. However
-# we need to keep the exit code of the utility doing the writing and
-# not that of tee. So we set this below. Note that this is a feature of
-# bash only but this should not be that much of a problem
-set -o pipefail
-function createTarball {
- # Move the results file to the results directory
- if [ -f chart.png ]; then
- cp chart.png "$THE_FOLDER"
- fi
- # Create the tarball of the current results
- # Finally, remove all traces
- rm -rf "$THE_FOLDER"
-# Timestamped directory to hold results of the run
-THE_CURRENT_FOLDER=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`;
-mkdir -p "$THE_FOLDER"
-echo "Storing results in $THE_FOLDER"
-echo "Started test run"
-# First, delete the database folder, start a fresh run
-if [ -d db ]; then
- rm -rf db/
-# We start our run. If the actual benchmarks fail then this is probably
-# an unrecoverable error. Instead of continuously mailing failure, we
-# mail and exit. If the measurements on the other hand are not satisfactory
-# there is not reason to stop - just keep running.
-mvn exec:exec -Drun-main-class=org.neo4j.bench.regression.main.Main $@ | tee "$THE_FOLDER/raw"
-if [ "0" -ne $? ]; then
- createTarball
- exit 1
-# Done with the run, create the tarball of the results
+mvn clean compile antrun:run

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