Neo4j REST client for JavaScript
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NOTE: This is no longer maintained

Please see for a modern Neo4j JS Driver

Neo4j server client for JavaScript

The beginnings of a neo4j server client for client-side javascript.

Quick example

Neo4js makes heavy use of promises (also known as futures), methods that make calls to the database usually return a promise for a result of some kind.

For instance:

var nodePromise = graph.node("http://localhost:75");
nodePromise.then(function(node) {
    // Do something with the node.

// Or just

Example usage:

var graph = new neo4j.GraphDatabase("http://localhost:7474");

var lisaPromise = graph.node({ "name" : "Lisa" });
var bobPromise = graph.node({ "name" : "Bob" });

var lovePromise = graph.rel(lisaPromise, "LOVES", bobPromise, { "reason" : "All the bling he got." });

// Wait for the promise of a relationship to be fulfilled.
lovePromise.then(function(relationship) {

  // Get the end node of the LOVES relationship
  relationship.getEndNode().then(function(bob) {

    // Once you have a node or relationship object, all properties are immediately available:
    var name = bob.getProperty("name");

    // Change a property like this
    bob.setProperty("name", "Steven"); {
      // Bob is now saved.



Build production version

git clone
cd neo4js
mvn package

This will create target/classes/neo4js.js

To use, check out the API documentation for neo4j.GraphDatabase. Note that neo4js.js requires jQuery to run.

API Documentation

mvn site

Documentation is then found in target/site/jsdocs