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Google Summer of Code 2014 Ideas

In 2014 Neo4j will be mentoring students under the banner of the OSGeo. Please refer to their OSGeo GSoC page for more details. Below you will find a list of ideas previously put forward for GSoC projects on Neo4j. The first set of ideas is specifically about the external library Neo4j Spatial and are valid for the OSGeo sponsored GSoC. Other ideas are worth looking at, and perhaps if you (the student) can put a GIS, Spatial, Mapping spin on the idea, they could be considered for the 2014 GSoC as well.

If you are a student that wants to apply esp. if you have a concrete project idea, submit your information with this form

Neo4j Spatial

  • Integrate spatial querying into cypher query language
    • Write cypher-compatible spatial DSL (bridge cypher with geoscript)
    • Integrate spatial index lookups and geoprocessing to cypher
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner
  • Improve performance of OSM model for seriously large OSM graph analysis
    • High performance id-id map for imports, we want to import the planet!
    • Compact routable graphs, we want to route over the planet!
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner
  • OSM Routing
    • The current OSMImporter builds a model that is hard to route
    • This project should improve that, or provide a new builder, for a graph model optimized for routing, as well as build a basic routing application. Several people have built related things, so there is lots of material to compare with, or collaborate with, like MobilIT.
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner
  • OSM in a box
    • Idea is to provide a complete OSM data mining solution that uses existing Neo4j server GUI for managing and visualizing the graph, and improved GeoServer integration for visualizing the OSM GIS data, and convenient editor for data mining the amazing OSM data model. This might benefit from some cypher support (see other GSoC ideas).
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner
  • Alternative spatial indexes
    • Currently Spatial uses a graph-embedded RTree. It could benefit from a full spatial index implementation, like an R-Tree, a k-d-Tree, a Range Tree or a Grid File
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner
  • n-Dimensional support and Space-Time support
    • Complete the generalization of spatial to multiple dimensions with special support for time and space-time queries.
    • Possible mentors: Craig Taverner

Graph Compute

*asynchronous framework for doing RESTful graph queries against a cluster.

  • Graph compute slave for Neo4j cluster
    • @cescalante-carecloud I would be interested in this

Integration with GraphLab / Giraph / NetworkX

  • Integration with GraphLab
    • @cescalante-carecloud I would be interested in this


Graph Visualization and Editing Application

  • Large scale graph visualization and querying

  • @Utkarsh Gupta, IIIT-Delhi, Student. I would be interested in this.

  • family tree visualization and ETL UI.


Data Import and Export

Flexible Data Import / Export tool for a variety of formats


Integration in BI-Tools

Talend, Jaspersoft, ClickView ...


Graph Gists

  • Integrate the Neo4j Browser Viz in Graphgist, with configurable GRASS and URL templates for icons
  • In-place WYSIWYG Asciidoc editor for Graphgists
  • Support for writing client-side applications backed by GraphGist, to be able to quickly demo how a data model could be used.

Cypher Graph Query Language

Visual Query Modeling Tool

(Thilo Muth?)

Natural Language Processing

Parse tree storage

  • Store parse trees as a graph in Neo4j

Natural language search

  • Use natural language to map questions to answers in Neo4j
    • @Utkarsh Gupta, IIIT-Delhi, Student. I would be interested in this.

Linguistic text analysis

  • Do statistical analysis on word order and grammar using Neo4j
  • Identify authors of a text from analyzing their grammar in Neo4j
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