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Migrate all functions to User Defined Functions for Neo4j 3.1 #144

jexp opened this Issue Sep 12, 2016 · 0 comments


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jexp commented Sep 12, 2016

On branch 3.1 we want to migrate all procedures that are actually functions to the brand new user-defined functions API.

That includes all conversion, math and partially procedures that create new data structures like maps etc.

See: neo4j/neo4j#7851

A incomplete list of procedures to convert:

  • apoc.cache.Static Stream getAll(@name("prefix") String prefix)
  • apoc.coll.Coll Stream contains(@name("coll") List coll, @name("value") Object value)
  • apoc.coll.Coll Stream containsAll(@name("coll") List coll, @name("values") List values)
  • apoc.coll.Coll Stream containsSorted(@name("coll") List coll, @name("value") Object value)
  • apoc.coll.Coll Stream containsAllSorted(@name("coll") List coll, @name("values") List values)
  • apoc.convert.Convert Stream toMap(@name("map") Object map)
  • apoc.convert.Convert Stream toString(@name("string") Object string)
  • apoc.convert.Convert Stream toBoolean(@name("bool") Object bool)
  • apoc.convert.Json Stream toJson(@name("value") Object value)
  • apoc.convert.Json Stream fromJsonMap(@name("map") String value)
  • apoc.convert.Json Stream toTree(@name("paths") List paths)
  • Stream domain(final @name("url_or_email_address") String value)
  • Stream formatDefault(final @name("time") long time, @name("unit") String unit)
  • Stream format(final @name("time") long time, @name("unit") String unit, @name("format") String format)
  • Stream formatTimeZone(final @name("time") long time, @name("unit") String unit, @name("format") String format, @name("timezone") String timezone)
  • Stream parse(final @name("millis") long millis, final @name("pattern") String pattern)
  • Stream fromPairs(@name("pairs") List<List> pairs)
  • Stream fromLists(@name("keys") List keys, @name("values") List values)
  • Stream fromValues(@name("values") List values)
  • Stream merge(@name("first") Map<String,Object> first, @name("second") Map<String,Object> second)
  • Stream setKey(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("key") String key, @name("value") Object value)
  • Stream setEntry(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("key") String key, @name("value") Object value)
  • Stream setPairs(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("pairs") List<List> pairs)
  • Stream setLists(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("keys") List keys, @name("values") List values)
  • Stream setValues(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("pairs") List pairs)
  • Stream removeKey(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("key") String key)
  • Stream removeKeys(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("keys") List keys)
  • Stream clean(@name("map") Map<String,Object> map, @name("keys") List keys, @name("values") List values)
  • Stream flatten(@name("map") Map<String, Object> map)
  • apoc.meta.Meta Stream type(@name("value") Object value)
  • apoc.meta.Meta Stream types(@name("properties") Object target)
  • apoc.meta.Meta Stream isType(@name("value") Object value, @name("type") String type)
  • public Stream format(final @name("number") Object number)
  • public Stream formatByPattern(final @name("number") Object number, final @name("pattern") String pattern)
  • public Stream formatByLanguage(final @name("number") Object number, final @name("lang") String lang)
  • public Stream formatByPatternAndLanguage(final @name("number") Object number, final @name("pattern") String pattern, final @name("lang") String lang)
  • apoc.text.Phonetic Stream phonetic(final @name("value") Object value)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream replace(final @name("text") String text, final @name("regex") String regex, final @name("replacement") String replacement)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream join(
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream clean(final @name("text") String text)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream compareCleaned(final @name("text1") String text1, final @name("text2") String text2)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream filterCleanMatches(final @name("text1") String text1, final @name("text2") String text2)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream urlencode(@name("text") String text)
  • apoc.text.Strings Stream urldecode(@name("text") String text)
  • apoc.util.Utils Stream sha1(@name("values") List values)
  • apoc.util.Utils Stream md5(@name("values") List values)
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