@jexp jexp released this Mar 10, 2017 · 173 commits to 3.1 since this release

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Latest Release for Neo4j 3.1.2

Thanks a ton for all feedback, issues and ideas.

Especially to @InverseFalcon and @sarmbruster for the contributions.

New Features

  • #156: implement automatic tracking of manual index changes
  • Updated documentation so that it's available for all 3 versions
  • Updates for apoc.periodic.iterate: iterateList:true, retries:5, automatic prefixing of inner statement
  • Added support for gzipped streams for load csv and load xml

New / Converted Functions & Procedures

  • Added new functions to apoc.coll - shuffle(), randomItem(), randomItems(). (#296)
  • turn bitwise operations into a function, fixes #309
  • Added new functions to apoc.coll - containsDuplicates(), duplicates(), duplicatesWithCount(), and occurrences() (#304)
  • Added new apoc.path procedures: subgraphNodes(), subgraphAll(), and spanningTree(). (#305)
  • apoc.text.format function, lpad, rpad functions fixes #269
  • Added functions for creating virtual nodes and virtual relationships
  • Added apoc.date.convert() and apoc.date.add() (#291)
  • Added new function apoc.test.regexGroups (#254)
  • Added some more add and remove procedures for nodes and relationships fixes #220


  • Allow 3.1.2 server to start with APOC despite removed class
  • Fix setting collections as properties fixes #210
  • Fix #295 keys come before graph element in graphml export
  • Fixes for TTL (better isolation, logging, writability check)
  • Fixes #256 (#257) apoc.load.xmlSimple/xml for mixed content (text nodes and child elements)