@jexp jexp released this Feb 23, 2018 · 205 commits to 3.2 since this release

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This is a maintenance release for Neo4j 3.1.x

It contains the following changes since the last release.

  • Make apoc.meta.* to use db-statistics for total node and rel counts
  • Fixes/Improvements for apoc.refactor.mergeNodes
  • Add more error handling + logging for load jdbc
  • Cypher fails to execute because of empty statement
  • Close all Kernel statements using try-with-resources
  • Added apoc.text.base64Encode, apoc.text.base64Decode functions
  • Add apoc.cypher.runFirstColumn, apoc.coll.sortMulti, apoc.coll.flatten functions
  • add an failOnError:false option to load.json and friends
  • implementing read locks
  • apoc.import.file.use_neo4j_config=true does not work as expected
  • Allow accessing other databases via bolt
  • Added apoc.text.capitalize, apoc.text.capitalizeAll, apoc.text.decapitalize, apoc.text.swapCase, apoc.text.camelCase, apoc.text.snakeCase, apoc.text.toUpperCase functions -
  • Added apoc.text.random(length, [valid_chars]) - Fixes
  • Fix memory issue with periodic.iterate with too large tx-size
  • Added support for multi value JSON sources in apoc.load.json
  • Make default thread pool size configurable
  • Parallelize Warmup
  • Added aggregation to grouping nodes, made the implementation parallel
  • Move versions.json generation to master branch
  • added apoc.load.ldap
  • Added function apoc.convert.toListOf(value, type)
  • Added parallel degree distribution apoc.stats.degrees
  • Adding apoc.log.* with procedures for logging out messages
  • Adding apoc.date.currentTimestamp
  • MongoDB compatible values flag for non-packable values
  • add apoc.text.split function that splits a string using a regexp (fixes )
  • fixes - Add a apoc.version function