@jexp jexp released this Oct 23, 2017 · 78 commits to 3.2 since this release

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With the Neo4j 3.3.0 release, we're happy to also release a new version of APOC.

Thanks again to our friends from LARUS for their continuous support as well as some old and new contributors:
Brad Nussbaum, Marcin Cylke, Dávid Csákvári, Stefan Armbruster, Tomaz Bratanic, Johan Teleman, Will Lyon, Adam Cowley, Paul Jongsma, Kees Vegter, Michael Wolter.

There were quite a number of changes and additions, so let's get started.

New Features

  • added apoc.load.ldap

  • Allow accessing other databases via bolt

  • Added parallel degree distribution apoc.stats.degrees

  • Add apoc.cypher.runFirstColumn, apoc.coll.sortMulti, apoc.coll.flatten functions

  • implementing read locks

  • Added support for multi value JSON sources in apoc.load.json

  • Adding apoc.log.* with procedures for logging out messages

  • Adding apoc.date.currentTimestamp

  • add apoc.convert.toInteger, apoc.convert.toDouble functions

  • Added apoc.text.base64Encode, apoc.text.base64Decode functions

  • Added apoc.text.capitalize, apoc.text.capitalizeAll, apoc.text.decapitalize, apoc.text.swapCase, apoc.text.camelCase, apoc.text.snakeCase, apoc.text.toUpperCase functions

  • Added apoc.text.random(length, [valid_chars])

  • add apoc.text.split function that splits a string using a regexp

  • Added function apoc.convert.toListOf(value, type)

  • Add a apoc.version function

Bugfixes & Small Improvements

  • Fix memory issue with periodic.iterate with too large tx-size
  • Enable pipe as CSV arraySep character, fix
  • Consistent Label order for CSV export
  • Fixes #584 - Allow asterisk as node label filter
  • Make default thread pool size configurable
  • Parallelize Warmup
  • Added aggregation to grouping nodes, made the implementation parallel
  • Configurable pool size for Pools.SCHEDULED
  • MongoDB compatible values flag for non-packable values
  • Add exporting properties to gephi
  • Add an failOnError:false option to load.json and friends