@jexp jexp released this May 16, 2018 · 39 commits to 3.3 since this release

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The first release for Neo4j 3.4 comes with many changes under the hood but not that many new features.

As Neo4j 3.4 completely changed the SPI (Kernel-API) we had to rewrite large parts in APOC to adapt to these changes. Thanks so much to Stefan Armbruster for handling this large chunk of work.


  • apoc.load.xls for loading data from Excel files, supports both xls and xlsx
  • Improvements for apoc.group.nodes, e.g. filtering of rel-types or of outputs by counts
  • Accessor functions for (virtual) entities (e.g. to postfilter them by property or label)
  • dijkstra algorithm supporting multiple results
  • date.format(null) returns null, also add ISO8601 convenience format


  • fix for apoc.periodic.iterate with statements that already started with WITH
  • fix for deleted nodes in explicit index
  • apoc.cypher.runTimeboxed uses separate thread
  • Missing Iterator Utils in apoc .jar file
  • Add missing apoc.coll.combinations()
  • check for availability before running sync index update thread


  • docs for apoc.load.csv and apoc.load.xls
  • docs for apoc.group.nodes
  • docs for apoc.coll.contains