@jexp jexp released this Nov 16, 2018 · 6 commits to 3.4 since this release

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We're really excited about this APOC release. It contains a lot of solved issues and new features.

Thanks a lot to all contributors that helped crafting the release, especially the folks from our partner Larus, Italy (@conker84 , @AngeloBusato, @omarlarus, @albertodelazzari ), @szarnyasg, my colleagues @sarmbruster, @michael-simons, @kvegter

Let's have a look at the changes:

  • apoc.export.json - exports your database/query/subgraph as stream of json objects
  • apoc.text.format - additional locale for formatting
  • apoc.coll.frequenciesAsMap - the item is the key an the count the value
  • added fast procedures for finding distinct neighbours of a node many hops apart
  • cypher initializer for running statements at startup of the database
  • Added apoc.trigger.removeAll


  • support older JDBC drivers with missing isClosed method
  • Support Temporal types in apoc.load.jdbc
  • remove support for XML entities (CVE)
  • fix one-line XML import
  • handle relative import paths correctly if configured
  • apoc.schema.assert does not drop existence constraints
  • JSON numbers are loaded as long values, like Cypher supports
  • apoc.export.cypher.all works with temporal types
  • deal gracefully with URLStreamHandlerFactory init issues
  • better argument handling for date format functions
  • Fix Graph Refactoring for merge nodes

As usual, please try them out and let us know if everything works for you.
If you run into any issues please raise a GitHub issue here, or ask on the Community Site.