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@jexp jexp released this Aug 8, 2018 · 1 commit to 3.3.1 since this release

The release has been upgraded to work with recent Neo4j 3.4.x versions and bolt-driver 1.6.1.

We worked on a number of improvements:

  • Added support for date, time and spatial datatypes for Neo4j 3.4

  • Upgraded to Neo4j Java driver 1.6.1

  • Added BOLT+ROUTING protocol to let the driver work with the cluster and being able to route transactions to available cluster members.

  • Added support for bookmarks, readonly transactions, routing policies and routing servers

  • Added support for in-memory databases for testing and embedded use-cases.

  • Added a debug feature to better support the development phase or inspect how the driver works when used by third-party tools.

  • Added support for TrustStrategy so that you can now configure how the driver determines if it can trust the encryption certificates provided by the Neo4j instance it is connected to.

  • Implemented the DataSource interface so that you can now register the driver with a naming service based on the Java Naming and Directory (JNDI) API and get a connection via JNDI lookups.

  • Allow additional bolt driver configuration via properties or URL parameters

PLEASE NOTE: we’ve deprecated the usage of “,” as the parameter separator in favour of “&” to be compliant with the URL parameter syntax. Please update your connection URL as in future releases we’ll manage just “&” (we want to use “,” for parameters that can have list of values).

We added a new Matlab example. Besides that, Neo4j-JDBC can of course be used with many other tools.

Here is a short list:

  • Squirrel SQL
  • Eclipse / BIRT
  • Jasper Reports
  • RapidMiner Studio
  • Pentaho Kettle
  • Streamsets

We really hope you enjoyed our work and we'd love to hear from you, not just about issues but also how you use the JDBC driver in your projects or which tools that we have not yet mentioned work well with it.

If you want to use the neo4j-jdbc driver in your application, you can depend on org.neo4j:neo4j-jdcb:3.4.0 in your build setup, while for use with standalone tools it's best to grab the full release JAR here from GitHub.

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