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Served with express.js, mostly static pages with javascript.

Running local

With nodes.js installed, first install dependencies like so:

npm install

Then run the server:

node app

Which should report something like:

"Express server listening on port 3000"

Which means you can now open a browser to http://localhost:3000

Ongoing Development

Publish images or assets to s3 bucket (which is backing a cloudfront CDN)

Install s3tools and configure with AWS credentials:

s3cmd --configure
s3cmd ls s3://

// -P means public acl and -cf-invalidate does cloudfront invalidation
s3cmd -P --cf-invalidate public/assets/path/file s3://

will be available as

Get the latest changes:

git pull

Submit your local changes:

git commit -am "beautification and verbal eloquence"
git push origin master

Publish assets like images to S3

 s3cmd --configure
 s3cmd ls s3://
 s3cmd put --acl-public  public/assets/path/file s3://


For staging content, push to:

git remote add staging
git push staging master

Then view the website like so:

heroku open --remote staging

Or go directly here:

For production, push to the default remote:

git remote add live
git push live master

Viewable by:

heroku open --remote live

Or go directly here: