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@neo-technology-build-agent neo-technology-build-agent released this Jul 2, 2019 · 85 commits to 3.5 since this release

We're very happy to present the new 3.4.4 release of the Neo4j Kafka integrations.

Our focus since the last release was on making our integration easier to use and fixing some issues.

We introduced several new features in the Sink:

With fixes #177: Create a Dead Letter Queue you can manage the Dead Lettere Queue in case of bad data, this feature is initially available only into the Streams Plugin, we plan to also release it for the Kafka Connect Sink Plugin in the near future.

With fixes #198: Tombstone record Management both the Streams Sink and the Kafka Connect Sink Plugin can get improved, in particular, the pattern strategy come out with the support to the Tombstone Record,
in order to leverage it your event should contain as key the record that you want to delete and null for the value.

To get more info about it please look at the documentation.

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