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removed upgrading instructions for now.

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-# Major changes
-## New Jekyll
-Octopress is leaving [Henrik's stale fork of jekyll]( for [Mojombo's official Jekyll]( Why? Back when Henrik's Jekyll fork was current, it offered some nice features
-like the option to use Haml and ruby instead of html and the liquid templating system. Switching from henrik-jekyll to jekyll, means Octopress will no longer support Haml layouts (until Jekyll does), but after using Octopress
-for a year and a half, I can see that it's far better for Octopress to be able to take advantage of the jekyll's active development, than to hold out for full Haml support.
-### Jekyll is Pluggable
-Some new features make the transition worth it. You can write your own [plugins]( which consist of generators, converters, and liquid tags.
-Now it's much easier to hack Jekyll without forking. I expect to see some great plugins emerge from the Jekyll community, and I'll be adding my favorites into Octopress.
-## Upgrading
-Unfortunately upgrading isn't as smooth as I would like. Some things have changed that require a bit of fiddling on your part. It's less than ideal, but if you were adverse to fiddling, you'd be using Wordpress right?
-#### Update configs
-I've moved configurations out of layouts and into the _config.yml. This means settings like title, url, and twitter_user can be accessed on the site object, eg. site.title, site.twitter_user.
-#### Post dates
-Before you could add date and time to the post filename, but for some reason Jekyll is more strict and won't see posts with that format. If you had a post `2009-11-13_14-23-hello-world` it should be renamed to `2009-11-13-hello-world`, leaving out the time-stamp.
-If you want to keep the time-stamp data, you can now add dates to the post in the yaml front-matter, eg. `date: 2009-11-13 14:23`. It seems that you can also use parseable strings like November 13, 2009 2:23pm and Jekyll will generate the proper url and post metadata.
-I've updated the new post rake task `rake post[title for your new post]` to correctly name new posts, and to automatically insert the time-stamp into the yaml front-matter for a new post. This way you can set the time when you want to publish without having to write out the whole post date.
-TODO: add more steps for upgrading

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