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@@ -30,16 +30,21 @@ Otherwise you'll need to install bundler, then ask it to install some extra thin
Phew. OK, now you really should be ready.
-### How-to
+## How-to
The project uses a ruby `rakefile` to do perform operations. A `rakefile` is like the
classic `C` `makefile` but for ruby.
+### Raking the website:
- create a blog post: `rake new_post["title"]`
-- create a page: `rake new_page[super-awesome/page.html]`
+- create a page: `rake new_page[super-awesome]`
- preview the site: `rake preview`
+- find files containing text: `rake find["some interesting text"]
+- all of rake's tasks: `rake -T`
-Staying up to date, or publishing your changes is done with `git`:
+Web pages are just partial, but normal, html. Or [markdown](
+### git'ing things done:
- update local: `git pull origin master`
- commit local changes: `git commit -am 'hooray for updates'`
- share changes: `git push origin master`
@@ -54,8 +59,9 @@ See [Octopress Blogging]( for details.
- [./source](neo4j-website/tree/master/source) : raw html, markup, css, images and javascript files. edit these
- [./public](neo4j-website/tree/master/public) : the generated website. **do not edit**
-## What is Octopress?
+### What is Octopress?
Octopress is [Jekyll]( blogging at its finest.
6 Rakefile
@@ -375,3 +375,9 @@ task :list do
puts "Tasks: #{(Rake::Task.tasks - [Rake::Task[:list]]).join(', ')}"
puts "(type rake -T for more detail)\n\n"
+# usage rake find['some text to look for']
+desc "Find files containing text in #{source_dir}"
+task :find, :what do |t, args|
+ system "find #{source_dir} -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l #{args.what}"

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