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Create Graph from Exported Json and XML #20

nrkkalyan opened this Issue · 12 comments

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From the cypher editor one can export the results to json or xml.
It would be good if the reverse is also possible.
I mean to convert the exported json or xml files back to a graph db.

Need to find how to select all nodes using cypher. (Select * from Table) (SQL Equivalent).
If the json or xml contains all nodes then create the entire graph.
If json or xml is incomplete then create graph with the available data and node information (Need to see if it provide a proper results).


One more sub requirement:

After done with GEOFF to import the graph, focus on creating a bridge between RDBMS and Graph DB so that one can export data from a mysql/sqllite (for a start) database to GraphDb.
Take a look at batch insertion an issue raised in the neo4j group.


Hi Peter,

I did some research on geoff and finally understood that one can use geoff only to Create/Update/Delete nodes ,relations ... in the GraphDb, but it is not possible to query.

And since I am thinking to export data from a RDBMS to GraphDb I dont need to query the feature.
All I need is read the data and create proper nodes with the data and relations between nodes.

Please correct me and if possible send me any example.


All I observed that importing data from RDBMS and exporting to neo4j could be done, need to do further analysis.
I don't know if exporting data from Neo4j to a plain text is possible

All I am analyzing how to manage the integrity constraints in RDBMS. Same time I am thinking to generate Dao objects and entity classes from RDBMS , I don't know which approach I will take.

I am working on this now. Please give me if you have any inputs at any point of time.

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