Neoclipse Improvements #29

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I thought with some polishing and some of the issues below addressed it would be great to do a neoclipse blog post the next week (or the week after) ?

Just some things:

  • you should perhaps automatically add /db/data/ if it is not there in the URL
  • a newly created db-connect is not selected in the list, so when I hit play directly afterwards it connects an older existing connection
  • localhost works great
  • load-time for the initial rendering of a bigger remote graph (heroku) is really long (, so we should probably limit that to the root node or at most one level of connections - how do you pull the data anyway, perhaps we should have a look at that and see where we can optimize the load code
  • also navigating a remote graph (esp. heroku which is on the other side of the planet) takes too long
  • we need a better handling of versions to cater for cypher calls especially for older servers (but that's a task for the rest-client)
  • the cypher editor should display the number of returned rows, and also the time it took to load the data
  • it should probably also pop up a new tab for each new query result (having the query as a "title" on the tab
  • I would still love to be able to have a [VIZ] button which renders the query results (nodes and rels returned) rendered in the graph view
  • it should be possible to load/save cypher files
  • some basic syntax highlighting
  • the flashlight search dialog - should be better integrated with the rest of the application, right now it displays a list of result nodes/rels with a random! property listed on the top (those should be either selectable or ordered consistently) but I cannot do anything with these nodes - it would be great to have them visualized in the graph too
  • but perhaps we should just drop the whole dialog in favor of cypher ?

/ Michael

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