Interactive, embeddable Neo4j-Console
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Interactive Neo4j Console - Graph REPL

Heroku App: or

to embed in iframes, see usage.html

<iframe src="" width="500" height="400" id="window"/>


  • set up graph with Cypher or Geoff
  • execute Cypher queries
  • visualize graph and returned results with the D3 javascript library
  • export graph in a variety of formats
  • share, tweet link to current graph and query

Run it as your own heroku app:

  • git clone git://
  • cd rabbithole
  • have the heroku toolbelt installed
  • heroku apps:create "appname"
  • if you want to store shortlinks of your graphs add the Neo4j addon heroku addons:add neo4j
  • Push the application to Heroku git push heroku master
  • open your personal console in the browser

Running locally on your machine:

  • git clone git://
  • cd rabbithole
  • mvn clean install exec:java
  • open application in browser http://localhost:8080

building a war file

  • use mvn install war:war to build a war file. This can be deployed to any web container (tomcat, jetty, ...)

running locally via jetty

  • use mvn install jetty:run


  • post /console/cypher
  • post /console/geoff
  • delete /console
  • post /console/init
  • get /console/share

Potential arguments for local execution:

java port /path/to/db [expose]

("expose" will write and read-through to the graph-db otherwise it will copy the graph content into an in-memory db)

The console can also import the data from a remote server