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jruby-rack: Lifecycle:
- startup factories
- create jetty
- register filter + servlet
- register context-listener
- @context-startup RackApplication.init is called and the ruby-vm is started (runs
Ruby-Home: META-INFO/jruby.home from jruby-complete.jar is used to determine jruby-home-dir.
files are loaded via java-resource-loader, ATTENTION: when developing the source/resources dirs are invalid!
- wire up resources
- creates EmbeddedRackApplicationFactory and JRubyRackContext
- creates jersey-provider (injectables)
- singleton-holder for the JRuby-Runtime
- prepare ruby-dependencies (bundler-gem, user-gemfile *)
- wire up Ruby-VM / GraphDatabaseService + Servlet-Context
- install ruby-rack context into jetty-context
- setup init-parameters like jruby-runtimes, * + user-gemfile -> data is kept on the reference-node
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