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Copyright © 2002-2011 Network Engine for Objects in Lund AB (referred to
in this notice as “Neo Technology”)
This product includes software ("Software") developed by Neo Technology.
The copyright in the bundled Neo4j graph database (including the
Software) is owned by Neo Technology. The Software developed and owned
by Neo Technology is licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE Version 3 (
("AGPL") to all third parties and that license, as required by the AGPL,
is included in the LICENSE.txt file.
However, if you have executed an End User Software License and Services
Agreement or an OEM Software License and Support Services Agreement, or
another commercial license agreement with Neo Technology or one of its
affiliates (each, a "Commercial Agreement"), the terms of the license in
such Commercial Agreement will supersede the AGPL and you may use the
software solely pursuant to the terms of the relevant Commercial
Third party libraries
Full license texts are found in LICENSES.txt.
The bundled JAX-RS (JSR311) API is licensed under the GNU General
Public License Version 2 with classpath exception. Alternatively
under the Common Development and Distribution License, version 1.1.
Other bundled libraries are licenced according to the following listing.
The Apache Software License, Version 2.0:
Apache Lucene,
Apache Commons:
Commons BeanUtils, Commons BeanUtils Core, Commons Collections,
Commons Configuration, Commons Digester, Commons Lang, Commons Logging,
Commons Pool,
Apache Log4j, Apache Xerces,
Geronimo Java Transaction API,
BSD License:
Scala library
GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1:
API interfaces, DataStore Support, Grid Coverage module, JTS Topology Suite,
Main module, Metadata, OGC CQL to Filter parser, Open GIS Interfaces,
Referencing services, Render, Shapefile module
Java Distribution License v. 1.0:
Java3D - Vecmath
JDOM License (Apache-style open source license, with the acknowledgment clause removed):
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