Import, Extend, Query & Visualize the TrumpWorld Graph with Neo4j & Cypher (originally based on the BuzzFeed data)
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The TrumpWorld Graph

sub buzz 31493 1484333437 1

It all started with Jeremy Singer-Vine and his co-authors publishing a partial dataset of connections between organizations and people around Donald Trump.

The data was made available as a public Google Document, which we imported into Neo4j so that it became queryable and visualizable.

You can access the TrumpWorld Graph live at

You can also run the TrumpWorld Guide in any Neo4j Browser by executing :play

Which cover the import, queries and visualizations and the extension with the federal contract data.

In this repository you can find the different resources and scripts for imports, querying and visualization.

trumpworld simple

Current Work

  1. TrumpWorld Import & Queries 01-trumpworld

  2. Adding US Government Contracting Data 02-contracts

  3. Merging OpenCorporates Records 03-opencorporates

  4. The Nonprofits of Trumpworld 04-nonprofit

  5. Extending Trumpworld with LittleSis - the involuntary Facebook of the 1% (also contains a lot of FEC data) 05-littlesis

  6. Trump Tweet Graph since June 2015 based on buzzfeeds Trump Media article 06-trumptweets

  7. Nominees for the different governmental departments and embassies 07-trump-nominees


The Second-Degree Kushner Network
MATCH network = (:Person {name:"JARED KUSHNER"})-[*..2]-()
RETURN network
second degree kushner network trumpworld data analysis
Nominee Influence
MATCH (o:Organization)<-[:INVOLVED_WITH]-(p:Person)-[con:RELATED_TO]->()
WHERE con.connection CONTAINS "Nominee"
donald trump cabinet nominee network influencer analysis

Next Steps

Collaborate with Brown University, ProPublica, ICIJ, OCCRP, and others to enrich the dataset and find new insights.


trumpworld graph data model
trumpworld full annotated
trump banks
trump putin
trump virtual map properties
trumpworld dataset lev leviev roma downey shortest path 1024x486
trump org fan out
trump fan out more
trump organizations
trumpworld simple banks
trumpworld simple kushner
trumpworld simple no trump
trumpworld simple
trumpworld without trump
trumpworld russia 2
trumpworld russia
trump highly connected
trump virtual map properties