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Branch: neo4j
Commits on Jun 2, 2012
  1. @benmccann

    Add missing character

    benmccann authored
    Change-Id: I6451d46d25ebc1790e1ce3d0271dcf39899dea87
Commits on Jun 1, 2012
  1. @anfernee

    [dev_setup] Fix mongodb on i686

    anfernee authored
    Change-Id: If7772bdee7959e24253cb9e1ac80ccec76b2d34d
Commits on May 31, 2012
  1. @kushmerick

    Disable dev_setup installation of Neo4j

    kushmerick authored
    Change-Id: I78b7c99a7ef0e27b4f7884ddaca2850ab9011027
Commits on May 28, 2012
  1. @anfernee

    [HM] Fix Gemfile for missing nats

    anfernee authored
    Change-Id: Icb07e0fe8e51699b9cb435c2c12831baac13d968
Commits on May 25, 2012
  1. Merge "Allow any whitespace between 'require' and 'sinatra' in main S…

    Jennifer Hickey authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    …inatra app file"
Commits on May 24, 2012
  1. @d

    [CC][HM] Remove vendor cache

    d authored
      Test plan: create a release and pass BVTs
    Change-Id: I80b997859c8366fd379dc00fd2fa097aebe91623
  2. Allow any whitespace between 'require' and 'sinatra'

    Jennifer Hickey authored
    in main Sinatra app file
    Change-Id: I430575cde67eb30db059b0ece554434ee01d246f
  3. @d

    [router][staging] Add license

    d authored
      In preparation of splitting out router and vcap_staging gem
    Change-Id: I360d0c6040c003ed611b89072ff235b388cb7879
Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. @schinen

    Merge "[dev_setup] Fix memcached service chef cookbook."

    schinen authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  2. Updated readme explaining exclusion of components on dev setup

    Harshawardhan Gadgil authored
     - Modified vcap binary to show summary of exclusion and point to documentation
    Change-Id: Iee8d5defe6021f2eb5bfcb43de46724731574194
Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. @schinen

    [dev_setup] Fix memcached service chef cookbook.

    schinen authored
    - change libevent source url (cf_remote_file does not support download from https and redirect yet).
    - add checksums (for cf_remote_file).
    - use dev_setup cache.
    Change-Id: I3ef634af15d99d44e12287427f8e4dbaf8153509
  2. @d

    Merge changes I8068a506,I7ddc6b07

    d authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    * changes:
      [dev_setup] Use github for lua-cjson source
      [dev_setup] set owner of mongo tarball
  3. [devsetup] memcached statically linked to libevent, disable sasl

    Harshawardhan Gadgil authored
    Change-Id: Idb8bfd06276c19f69c3fa7b5f44d9fea5196adce
  4. Install libevent locally to have memcached config dependency fulfilled

    Harshawardhan Gadgil authored
    Change-Id: Ie133e24fc6588285b46fb3dd199e72652b998049
  5. Merge "Add an api for CC, which returns a specific service offering G…

    Haipeng Wu authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    …et /services/v1/offerings/:label"
  6. Merge "mkae nuke_service.rb path to be correct."

    Chunjie authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  7. Add an api for CC, which returns a specific service offering

    Haipeng Wu authored
    Get /services/v1/offerings/:label
    Change-Id: I47e66278d0782e095b553cafbc904591e25b5571
Commits on May 21, 2012
  1. @d

    [dev_setup] Use github for lua-cjson source

    d authored
      This change switches to downloading the source from github to avoid
    outage of lua-cjson's author's homepage.
      Test plan:
        Run dev_setup on a vanilla VM and pass BVTs
    Change-Id: I8068a5060014b46847cfa288916e282de22fb88a
  2. @d

    [dev_setup] set owner of mongo tarball

    d authored
      Correcting my stupidity of commenting out the ownership and permission
    attributes in commit 2abb03a.
    Change-Id: I7ddc6b070cb167d3285ece9aba3390a837fe4114
  3. @d

    [stager] Add license and notice to stager

    d authored
      This change adds a license and notice file to the stager sub dir in
    preparation for giving it its own repo.
    Change-Id: I7fbdd2895b4d556f9439ae900b461ad7955ab798
  4. @d

    [dev_setup] Fix Chef regression

    d authored
      This change replaces the use of remote_file with cf_remote_file to
    work around two limitations in Chef 0.10:
      - Chef shares its downloading logic of remote_file with its REST
        client.  The REST client decompresses archives when it sees the
        header "Content-Encoding: gzip", which is an undesirable behavior
        for remote_file.
      - Chef only uses the specified checksum to trigger update, but it does
        no validation after new remote files are downloaded.
      Our requirement of cf_remote_file:
      - Don't do content decoding magic
      - checksum required and *always* validates the checksum
      Test plan: remove locally compiled ruby and the cached tarballs, run
    Change-Id: Ifb91188ec7ec2f77fafc671d128625ec0f8f1c77
  5. Merge "Dev setup support for memcached as a service"

    Harshawardhan Gadgil authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  6. mkae nuke_service.rb path to be correct.

    Chunjie authored
    Change-Id: Id1afeaa36ec58b7451506f8d70e023d77e2c9b2d
Commits on May 18, 2012
  1. @daleolds

    update uaa with fix for web authorization approval UI, and tests for …

    daleolds authored
    …the fix
    update secoauth, fix uaa devsetup
    Change-Id: I9d568830fddcd88701cbe507bca3cbb04174000c
  2. @d

    Merge "[README] Update legacy env var"

    d authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  3. @d

    [README] Update legacy env var

    d authored
      Reference VCAP_APP_{HOST,PORT} instead of the legacy VMC_* vars
    Change-Id: I8733e41fb3e8db7c74bf6fd1cc962cb87d0a0f7e
  4. @kushmerick

    Merge branch 'services-r11'

    kushmerick authored
    - bump vcap/services
    - bump vcap_common gem version to 1.0.12
    Change-Id: I09534faafb367a6cd2046c7fa4e15700366019e4
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @d

    Change URL to Lucid

    d authored
      Point the download URL of Ubuntu to the page for 10.04
    Change-Id: I2e63a4dcf01a5f5e46af77fe18230b282e060e0b
  2. Merge "Deploy the UAA in dev setup exactly like we would in bosh."

    Dale Olds authored Gerrit Code Review committed
Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. @trisberg

    Merge "Java and Spring fixes for javaee namespace and use of Annotati…

    trisberg authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  2. @joeldsa

    Deploy the UAA in dev setup exactly like we would in bosh.

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I393c3787dc0bb051ce0071e03e08a01a48bce5b5
Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. @dsyer

    Merge "CF-29: add vcap_components from command line if present"

    dsyer authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  2. Dev setup support for memcached as a service

    Harshawardhan Gadgil authored
    - Configure sasldb and lib event when going dev setup for memcached
    - Addressed CR comments
    - Updated vcap to remove couchdb from optional services, this change will be made later
    - Cleaned up memcache dev setup recipie (in place edit of saslauthd config file)
    - Configured neo4j and memcached to be excluded by default, use environment variable to override
    - Config files corrections from CR comments
    - Deleted unused file, added default 16M memory for memcached instance
    Change-Id: I3f28d4b42989af6dc56ca1757daff93b43b5f6d7
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. @anfernee

    Merge changes I0a087b84,If5b7924f

    anfernee authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    * changes:
      [router] Use pidfile utils in vcap_common. Disable thin's signal to avoid swallowing signals.
      [router] Remove legacy statistics collecting code
  2. @d

    [dev_setup] Group should be an integer

    d authored
      Newer versions of Chef varies its behavior based on the type of GID.
    This patch (kudos to Doug MacEachern) makes both new and old versions
    Change-Id: Ib7f05899d2e2e04ca34385512efcad8509d9cc5d
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