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This is a patch release with fixes for the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug where the orientation setting in the GDS panel had no effect
  • Fixed an issue where large integers did not display correctly on node captions
  • Added metadata to all queries and removed support for older DBs without transactional config
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This is a minor release of Neo4j Bloom with the following new features:

  • A Graph Data Science panel that makes it possible to run GDSL algorithms and visualize the results
  • Updates to prepare for compatibility with the upcoming Neo4j 5.0

In addition this release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fix an issue where the visualization got stuck in low detail mode (without captions etc) even when the graph was zoomed in
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This is a patch release with fixes for two issues:

  • Fix bug where search phrase list was not scrollable
  • Fix bug where caption styling for relationships was not loaded when restoring scene
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This is a new minor release of Neo4j Bloom, adding two new features:

  • Scene actions is a way to define custom Cypher queries that can be run from the context menu,
  • Improved captions let you define node and relationship caption text from the styling editor in the legend, and adds more flexibility

This release also includes a number of bug fixes.

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This is a patch release fixing the following bugs:

  • Size of nodes when styling the node size with a styling rule was reversed
  • Fix styling of error messages in the search phrase editor
  • Timezone translation was not correct in all cases
  • Make sure Bloom shows an error message when WebGL can't be initialised and make error message more user friendly
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New features:

  • Added full compatibility with Neo4j date and time types
  • Improved ability to filter and apply rule-based styling to date/time types with timezone
  • Added new logging system for improving debugging
  • Added a new graph layout mode to make the graph visualisation clearer to read
  • Improve density and readability of the visualisation

Some of the bug fixes & improvements done for this release:

  • Improve color picker performance
  • Show a error message if label is already in a category
  • Ensure encryption settings are valid for Neo4j connection
  • Fix search phrase in deep link is not working with Scenes
  • Fix datatype of parameters passed to Search phrase suggestion queries
  • UI fixes and improvements
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The is a new major release of Bloom, introducing the concept of saving and sharing scenes between users! Bloom users can now publish the results of their visualisations for viewing and editing by other users.

Other new features are:

  • Histograms for style rules and filters
  • Improved layout of smaller graphs
  • Improved editing of properties with constraints and introduced the ability to duplicate and create nodes with constraints
  • Introduced the ability to delete nodes and relationships
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This is a patch release introducing:

  • support for the built-in SSO features in Neo4j 4.4
  • a stability improvement in the database connection
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This is a minor release of Bloom with these new features:

  • Node tooltips for faster at-a-glance information by hovering a node
  • Card list usability improvements
  • New product analytics section in the settings sidebar drawer with more granular settings
  • Reveal relationships: New context menu option to bring in additional relationships between the selected nodes

Other notable changes:

  • Improvements to SSO support for Enterprise deployments
  • Improvements to restore scene - it now stores one scene for each DB in each DBMS
  • Fixed web browser out of memory problems when having lots of nodes on the canvas
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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This is a patch release with two fixes to improve Bloom's Single Sign On functionality:

  • Improved handling of SSO in certain cases when running in Aura
  • Fixed an issue evident when Bloom is hosted from a path and not the root of the web server