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This repository has been archived by the owner on May 24, 2022. It is now read-only.

Asset management portal written with Ruby on Rails and Neo4j

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This is repo to go along with the neo4j gem screencast series by Brian Underwood.

Each episode has a git tag to refer to the final code result so that you can check out and play with the code.

Setting up the app

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Checkout this branch: git checkout sitepoint
  3. Install Neo4j: rake neo4j:install[community-latest]
  4. Start Neo4j: rake neo4j:start
  5. Load the sample data: rake load_sample_data
  6. Visit http://localhost:3000/assets
  7. Load a rails console with rails c to try out making your own queries
  8. Visit the Neo4j web console if you want to browse the data with Cypher http://localhost:7474

Neo4j gem Screencasts

Part of the reason for creating this application was to serve as a demonstration application for a screencast series on the neo4j and neo4j-core gems. You can find the episodes here:

Episode 1 - Create a Neo4j Rails Application

Episode 2 - Properties

Episode 3 - Associations

Episode 4 - Association Chaining

Episode 5 - ActiveRel

Episode 6 - Deeper Querying