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Discover Neo4j Aura Free Live Stream

More drama than a cat video! (© Mike on Twitch chat)

A repo with cypher and examples from the Discover Neo4j Aura Free Twitch stream. All streams will roughly follow the following format:

  • Review a data set

  • Decide what questions to ask from it

  • Put together an initial data model

  • Load the data into Neo4j Aura Free and query!

Got a data set you’d like us to explore? Provided it’s a public data set and can be accessed from a URI, let us know! Either raise an issue on the repo, or tweet @ellazal or @alexandererdl or @mesirii on Twitter.

Every Monday alternating between

  • a "morning session" 8am UTC | 10am CET | 2:30pm IST | 5pm SGT

  • an "afternoon session" 10am ET | 3pm UTC | 4pm CET | 8:30pm IST | 7am PT (sorry)

  • On Twitch

  • On YouTube

Following along? Don’t forget to get your Free Neo4j Aura instance up and running.