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Simple Routing Example with Neo4j

This is a small routing example, populating a Neo4j node space
with a couple of towns using the Yahoo! geocoding service, and
then doing a A* routing on it.


To execute the project, Java 6 is needed. To run from source,
JDK 1.6 is needed, and optionally Maven2 for dependency management.

Download packages

There’s download packages located here:…java-astar-routing…
Look for files ending in .zip or .tar.gz
Only Java 6 is required to execute the example using the download.

Contents of the download package

bin/ start scripts for the application in Unix and Windows format
docs/ javadoc of all Neo4j component dependencies of the project
lib/ all dependency jars of the project
src/ source code of the project

Run from source

Using JDK:
Use the download package and add the lib/ directory
to the project classpath (“build path” in Eclipse).
In this case, only JDK 1.6 is required to run the code
from source.

Using JDK + Maven:
Checkout or download the source code from GitHub and use the Maven2
setup originally used for the project. This option requires
JDK 1.6 and Maven2 to be installed, see: Java Setup
With Maven2 installed, simply issue the following command
at the command prompt:
$ mvn clean compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="org.neo4j.examples.astarrouting.AStarRouting"
This command will download all dependencies which are needed on the first run.

Sample output

Waypoint [name=New York, longitude=-74.007124, latitude=40.71455]
Waypoint [name=Kansas City, longitude=-94.626824, latitude=39.11338]
Waypoint [name=Santa Fe, longitude=-105.937406, latitude=35.691543]
Waypoint [name=Seattle, longitude=-122.329439, latitude=47.60356]
Waypoint [name=San Fransisco, longitude=-122.420139, latitude=37.7796]
New York
Kansas City
Santa Fe
San Fransisco

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