Neo4j Movies Template Application with the Bolt based neo4j-java-driver
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Neo4j Movies Example Application

movie application

This example application demonstrates how easy it is to get started with Neo4j in Java.

It is a very simple web application that uses our Movie graph dataset to provide a search with listing, a detail view and a graph visualization.

THe front-end is just jQuery and d3 and the backend is implemented in Java using spark-java a lightweight web framework.

Using Neo4j from Java is as easy as using any other database that offers a textual query language. With our binary protocol driver for the binary protocol, you get a clean API to manage your Session, Transaction and Statement and iterate over each Value of a StatementResult with a rich conversion DSL.

The Stack

These are the components of our min- Web Application:

  • Application Type: Java-Web Application

  • Web framework: Spark-Java (Micro-Webframework)

  • Neo4j Database Connector: Neo4j-Java-Driver for Cypher Docs

  • Database: Neo4j-Server

  • Frontend: jquery, bootstrap, d3.js


Get Movie

// JSON object for single movie with cast
curl http://localhost:8080/movie/The%20Matrix

// list of JSON objects for movie search results
curl http://localhost:8080/search?q=matrix

// JSON object for whole graph viz (nodes, links - arrays)
curl http://localhost:8080/graph


Spark is a micro-webframework to easily define routes for endpoints and provide their implementation. In our case the implementation calls the MovieService which has one method per endpoint that returns Java collections which are turned into JSON using the Google Gson library.

The MovieService uses the Neo4j-Java driver to execute queries via Neo4j binary protocol "Bolt". You add the dependency to the Neo4j-Java-Driver driver in your pom.xml:


To use the driver, you provide a connection URL, e.g. bolt://user:password@localhost, get a Driver instance, from which you get a Session. The session allows you to execute Cypher statements directly and iterate over the StatementResults to access the resulting `Value`s. Please edit to add your connection settings, for instance "bolt://neo4j:neo4j@localhost"

With your statement you can provide parameters as a Java map.

Driver driver = GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://localhost");
String query = "MATCH (:Movie {title:{title}})<-[:ACTED_IN]-(a:Person) RETURN as actor";

try (Session session = driver.session()) {

    StatementResult result =, singletonMap("title", "The Matrix"));
    while (result.hasNext()) {

Run locally:

Start your local Neo4j Server (Download & Install), open the Neo4j Browser. After logging in, install the Movies graph data set by entering the :play movies command, click the CREATE-statement, and hit the triangular "Run" button.

Start this application with:

mvn compile exec:java

You can search for movies by title or and click on any entry.